Wine Opener Corkscrew Set – Foil Cutter and Extra Screwpull Wine Opener, Heavy Duty Corkscrew Wine Opener – Military Grade Material, Unlike Other Wine bottle Openers This Does Not Break

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You like wine, so why would you waste time with ineffective, hard-to-use corkscrews? Use the Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Accessories rabbit wine opener instead and open every bottle of wine quickly and easily. It takes just five short steps to get the cork out and start enjoying your wine.

Grip the bottom handle and place it on the neck of your wine bottle Push the top handle down and the screw goes right into the center of the cork Pull up on the top handle to remove the cork from the bottle Grip the lower handles around the cork and push down on the top handle again Pull up and the cork is removed from the screw and you’re ready to enjoy your wine or open another bottle.

That’s it! It takes just a second and is easier to use than any other corkscrew out there.

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The rabbit corkscrew set comes with a foil cutter and an extra screwpull, so you have everything you need to open bottles of wine for years to come. And it’s packaged in an elegant gift box, making it an ideal gift for any wine lover in your life. Pick up a few, because when your friends see yours, they’re going to want one for themselves.

HAPPINESS IS A RELIABLE WINE BOTTLE OPENER. Enjoy every bottle of wine faster when you use your new wine bottle opener from Mimi’s & Fifi’s Wine Accessories. Open a bottle of wine in just a second with this easy-to-use wine bottle opener.
EASIEST CORKSCREW TO USE. Five short steps and one second is all it takes to open any bottle of wine. Open one bottle or multiple bottles for a party with ease using the best corkscrew available, and never worry about a broken bottle cork again.
NO PAIN, JUST PLEASURE. If you have hand pain, RSI or arthritis, you need to try this corkscrew. Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier, and you can open bottle after bottle quickly and easily, with no pain. Professional bartenders use corkscrews like this all day, and they work every time.
GREAT GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS. When your friends see your wine corkscrew opener, they’re going to want their own. Keep them from stealing yours by giving them their own corkscrew set that includes a foil cutter and extra screw pull and comes in an elegant gift box.
THE ONLY WINE OPENER WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We stand behind our wine bottle opener 100% and offer a lifetime guarantee. The metal corkscrew is made from durable, high quality materials, so it will last for years, and is as beautiful to use as it is to look at.
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