Storm Preparedness

[marquee] Remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020? | How About the Massive Gas Shortage of 2021 (Except Florida)?[/marquee]

The Hurricane Season on the East & Gulf Coasts of the US runs from June 1st  till November 30th. 

So we have this many days left to be bombarded with gloom and doom messages:

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This is not my first hurricane season in Florida, been here since 2015 so I’m ready as I can be. I’ve prepared for many situations similar to hurricanes including:

  • Stranded in a snowstorm on the Merritt Parkway for 2 days in a 1953 MG TD,
  • 2 Typhoon’s in the Far East,
  • 2 Major Snowstorms in NYC closing the city down,
  • As an adult, 5  hurricanes in NY, NJ & MA,
  • Tornado coming straight at me in Texas (turned just a few hundred yards away from me),
  • Hit by a 25Ft Wave in my boat,
  • 1 snow event in Chicago lasting weeks, closing the city down,
  • Two blackouts in NYC,
  • And a few others!

These are just the highlights that taught me Mother Nature has a mind of her own and you better be ready!

Right below you will see images to help you think about what you need. Use them as memory joggers.

[/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’] Right underneath the images there are three categories I put together that you should think about to prepare for Mother Nature!

Click on the these links for details. Go Through them and decide what you need.

I really recommend the DEFINITELY NEEDED category. Each item that’s clickable has many options. Decide what you need.


You can find just about everything you need at a big box store (Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, etc.) or  on Amazon. I buy and sell on Amazon and the products advertised are quality and guaranteed. Purchase wherever you feel most comfortable. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

TIP: If you use Amazon, sign up for Amazon Prime which has a 30 day trial period with Free Shipping and possible sales tax savings depending on where you live. This TIP will save you money and the aggravation of shopping in person. After 30 days decide if you want to stay! 

[marquee]  Last,  Don’t wait. Prices will go up as a storm approaches. Don’t rely on one or two day shipping in a “Storms Coming” mode. Big Box Stores and Amazon Run out of inventory as people panic shop.He or She who hesitates will pay more!  [/marquee]


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Besides the information below keep in touch with weather updates. The best is NOAA, their web site is NOAA WEATHER WEBSITE. Watch/listen to your favorite TV/radio station. (this is a good radio with a link to NOAA) If you have 2, 3, 4, etc. stations in your area most likely they will have different view of what’s happening. Nothing wrong with this as long as they are certified meteorologists. Also on the Internet their are other reporters. So are good, so are not. Trust But Verify. The basic fact is they all start with NOAA.

Also on the NOAA Web Site there is a link to your local area. Depending on what you are viewing the site on, the link is in the upper right.

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[soc_one_half] Sooner or Later you will lose power! I’ve become a big advocate for solar power since 2019.

  • A car hits a tree,
  • someone cuts the power cable,
  • a storm,
  • lightning strike,
  • etc.

Solar power has come a long way. It will not help during a storm but before and after you really need it. So charge your batteries before and after.

Everything you need is at a Big Box Store and on Amazon. Shop early and save or wait and pay a premium.

At a minimum you should have these items. [/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’]You should have a set up like this if you are in any area prone to a storm, fire, flood, ice storm, etc.

Basically if you live on Earth think about these items.

And, if you order using Amazon Prime, Shipping is free. DON’T WAIT! If you need everything below your investment is around $300 to $400. Other options are listed when you click on the links. The options I’ve picked make you free from the local power company’s restoration process. 

  • Portable Power Station   (Read the description for the details. This unit will charge up to nine (9) devices.) 
  • solar panel, Use this with the Portable Power Station Above,
  • radio,
  • batteries (chargeable and non chargeable Sizes: AA & AAA). Make sure your batteries are charged and you have enough for all your needs.
  • lamp/fan,
  • flashlights,
  • Holder for the batteries so they can be charged. Probably will come with your batteries but double check.

Most everything else you will need is already in your home. This link is to ALL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. Use it to jog your memory for what you should have on hand.


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[soc_one_half] Depending on the severity of the storm you may be out of power for a few hours or a few days.

Who knows!

Only you and your partner (if you have one) know what you need.

Do an inventory.

Better to be safe then sorry.[/soc_one_half] [soc_one_half class=’last’]Besides items in the DEFINITELY NEEDED category, think about:

Most everything else you will need is already in your home. This link is to ALL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. Use it to jog your memory for what you need.


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You’re ordered to evacuate. Basically everything you and your family need to ride out the storm has been covered.

No one know how long you will be gone.

Watch how slow or fast the storm is moving. Fast moving storm is better than a slow moving storm. After the storm passes Storm Surge is the problem.

Think About What Your Home Needs:

  • Shutters for windows and doors
  • Secure all loose outside objects,
  • Turn water off,
  • Lock everything up,
  • Tent (who knows you may be living in your backyard when you get back home),
  • Kids games,
  • Tool Kit, make sure you have some basic tools when you get back to your home.
  • Be aware not everyone at a shelter is a good person. 99% are. Just Be Nice and Be wary.
  • After the Storm has passed, mark yourself safe on FaceBook.

If you decide to stay and not leave, I get it and wish you the best. Prepare as best you can and stay in touch with someone.

This link is to ALL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. Use it to jog your memory for what you need.

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Good Luck and I hope this helped you.



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