Salljogo Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids with Foot Pump- 63” High Heavy Duty, Portable Freestanding Kids Workout Equipment for Boxing, Exercise and Self Defense Training

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Product Description


foot pump includedfoot pump included

Thick & strong Punching bagThick & strong Punching bag

Punch, kick, chopPunch, kick, chop

Installation very easyInstallation very easy

Keep your kids Active & engagedKeep your kids Active & engaged

Child-friendly Energy Releasing Kickbag

Have your kids a new way to release excess energy and extreme mood in an athletic and safe way. With our inflatable punching bag, your child can now have a stress-free and reduced screen time hobby that will keep them occupied. Emancipate yourself to do adult errands while making your child productive.

Wholistic Self-Development

Target your kids’ utmost growth that can train his body and mind with the Salljogo inflatable punching bag. Not only will this toy help your kids burn calories, but this is a great way to nurture agility, great stamina, and confidence. With anti-shock and anti-fall technology, it can also train his balance, eye-hand coordination, and stability during rebounds. Let your kids have self-growth and self-defense at the same time!

Heavy-Duty Material

Featuring a thicker and sturdier PVC vinyl body and base, this inflatable punching bag is built for all the fast-paced intense action of Karate, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Ninja games. You won’t worry about tearing this easily and having holes or leaks with its reinforced seams, crafted to handle the sparring match!

Wide and Stable Base

With a new design for faster rebound and responsive action, our freestanding punching bag is ready for round-the-clock sparring sessions. Its wide base is weighted to keep the bag upright while its rounded platform makes it easy to spin and hit. Its weighted base can accommodate water or dry sand, making it more sturdy and stable.

Portable and Easy to Use

For instant action, simply inflate and fill in the base stand! Being lightweight, space-saving, and flexible, you can use this as an indoor and outdoor training accessory. You can just manually inflate within minutes using its foot pump inclusion then tightly seal with a double cap cover. Setup in just a few minute

SAFE ENERGY OUTLET. Give your kids a new way to safely release excess energy and extreme mood. With our inflatable punching bag, your child can now have a stress- free and screen-free everyday activity. Free yourself to run adult errands while your child is growing.
ULTIMATE SELF-GROWTH. Train your child’s body and mind with Salljogo kids punching bag. This kids’ toy will help burn calories while building agility, stamina, and confidence. It can also improve his balance, eye-hand coordination, and stability. Let your kids learn self-defense while growing up!
UPGRADED THICKNESS. This freestanding punching bag is built for the fast-paced action of Karate, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Its sturdy bottom can be filled with water or dry sand. Designed to withstand the abuse of a sparring match, the reinforced seams of this kids’ punching bag will prevent tears, holes, and leaks.
FITS KIDS AND ADULTS. Get your kids and family into a home workout game with this one-size-fits-most punching bag for adults and kids. This 63-inch kids’ exercise equipment with 360-degree body rotation is a great idea for a parent-child activity that can even keep screen time to its minimum.
EASY TO SETUP. Have immediate kids’ workout equipment by inflating the body with the included foot pump, filling in the base with sand or water, and sealing with a double cap cover! This versatile and lightweight freestanding training tool can be used indoor and outdoor. Set up in minutes manually with simple instructions.
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