Personalized Military Dog Tags – 10 Tag Colors & 39 Silencers to choose from!

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Product Description

Tag-Z Military Dog Tag Sets

Embossed Military Dog Tags Tag-ZEmbossed Military Dog Tags Tag-Z

Stainless Steel Ball Chain Military Dog Tag Set Tag-ZStainless Steel Ball Chain Military Dog Tag Set Tag-Z

Military Dog Tag Silencers 39 ColorsMilitary Dog Tag Silencers 39 Colors

Customized Military Dog Tag in US Military Embossing Machine Tag-ZCustomized Military Dog Tag in US Military Embossing Machine Tag-Z

Quality Dog Tags – 10 Colors Available

All of our tags are made from metal. Stainless Steel(T304), Brass, and Anodized Aluminum. The Stainless Steel tags are the most popular, the most durable and the only tags that are used by the US Military. Our Shiny tags are also made from Stainless Steel, they’re very durable as well and have a shiny coating that is reflective like a mirror. Tag-Z Brass tags are made from real Yellow Brass and they look like gold. Brass tarnishes over time, but will shine right back up with some brass polish. The Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Red tags are made from Anodized Aluminum.

Our tags are made to military specifications. 2 inches long by 1.125 inches wide and are .8mm thick. If the tags were any thicker the US Military Embossing Machine would not be able to stamp the letters into the metal.

Real Stainless Steel Chains – Made in the USA

Tag-Z Military Dog Tag Sets come with a set of Real US made Stainless Steel Military Chains. Our sets come with one 27 inch chain and one 4.5 inch chain just like is issued in the military. The balls on the chains are 2.4mm in diameter so they fit through the holes on the tags perfectly.

Our chains are made with US made T304 Stainless Steel and are manufactured right here in the USA. On the connector of every chain is stamped USA. Our chains will not rust and they will not turn your skin colors like many other foreign knockoffs.

HOW TO CLOSE THE CHAIN – Put the ball into the connector and pull both sides of the chain away from the connector until the ball ‘snaps’ into place. These are really tough stainless steel ball chains so sometimes it takes a good tug.

Dog Tag Silencers – 39 Colors Available

Tag-Z Military dog tag silencers are made from silicone rubber are circular in shape and made to stretch to fit around standard military dog tags to create a perfectly snug fit.

The US Military only issues black silencers with their tags and is our most popular color, but we have 39 Silencer Colors to choose from!

Black, ACU Camo, American Flag Camo, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Blue Camo, Brown, Candy Cane, Clear, Cyan, Desert Camo, Forest Green, Glow in the Dark Blue, Glow in the Dark Green, Glow in the Dark Pink, Glow in the Dark Yellow, Green, Gray, Hot Pink, Jack’O Camo, Lime Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Olive Drab Green, Orange, Orange Camo, Pink, Pink Camo, Purple, Red, Rasta Camo, Teal, Tie Dye, Urban Camo, USMC Camo, Volcano Camo, White, Woodland Camo & Yellow.

Custom Stamped in Our Shop

All of our tag sets are custom made for you right here in our shop in Omaha, Nebraska. We are in the shop making your tags Monday-Friday and even some weekends to make sure your orders get shipped out and delivered to you in a timely manner.

Because we’re here in the US, we are able to communicate and help our customers easily. In each package, we include our business card with our DIRECT phone number on it, just in case there are any special requests or issues with your tags.

We are always happy to hear from and help our customers!

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