MIKA (2021 Model) Premium 72 Hours Emergency Survival Gear Equipment Backpack, Up to 4 People, Hurricane Supplies and Preparedness Kit for Earthquake, Floods, Hurricane, Wildfire, Tsunami (Red)

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MIKA emergency gear and equipment was formed by real-life Special Force veterans, who were on a mission to bring their field experiences to life! The idea was to create unique, top quality, emergency products that could serve you and your loved ones when you need them most. Our gear is made from the highest quality materials and our food and water portions are proudly made right here in the USA. Our variety of different emergency supplies includes emergency radios, emergency preparedness backpacks, emergency survival gear, and more!

Our customer care team is always here to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding our products. We love to be in touch with our customers, as we know that this helps us improve our products and grow our company to better serve you!

Get Prepared, Get MIKA!

45L Military Grade Tactical Backpack 45L Military Grade Tactical Backpack

45L Military Grade Tactical Backpack

MIKA tactical 45L backpack was made with our customers in mind. Our backpack is water-resistant, made of military-grade zippers, 900D backpack quality, and more.

We designed the bag to fit everything from a laptop, tablet, and/or phone, to better suit your survival/camping needs, and much more.

MIKA backpack was designed to stay secured on your body even in the most extreme situations. With different latches to secure to your body, you can be confident that your backpack and its content are always safe!

Survival Kit Emergency backpack earthquake kit hurricane preparedness

Survival Kit Emergency backpack earthquake kit hurricane preparedness

Survival equipment gear

Survival equipment gear

first aid emergency kit emergency food emergency water

first aid emergency kit emergency food emergency water

MIKA 900D Military Grade Shoulder Bag

Another bag??? YES! Our Special Force veterans also included a military-grade shoulder bag, which contains survival gear and other essential survival equipment. Now, you can easily carry just the things you need when going hiking, camping, or even when going to the beach.

Survival Gear and Equipment

Our amazing veterans used their real life experience to build this amazing survival gear kit. Here at MIKA we make sure our customers are always ready for the toughest situations. This kit includes everything you need from a fire starter to survival blankets.

Emergency Food, Water, and First Aid kit

This amazing kit includes Datrex food and water that has a shelf for up to 5 years from the manufacturer’s production date. We proudly chose this product as it is made in the USA and approved by the US coast guard.

In addition, our kit also contains 107 pieces of First Aid Only outdoor first aid equipment. With this specially designed kit, you can be confident when leaving during natural disaster areas . Be ready for wildfires, hurricanes, tornados earthquakes, and more!

The Ultimate Survival Kit!

tactical pen compass flashlight emergency blanket wire saw fire starter tactical pen compass flashlight emergency blanket wire saw fire starter

45L 900D High-Density Tactical Military Backpack Contains:

900D High-Density Shoulder Sling Bag with:

4 Rain Ponchos4 Emergency Blankets 1 Premium Gear Box1 Tactical Folding Knife1 Tactical Flashlight1 Tactical Bottle Holder1 Fire Starter1 Multitool 1 Multifunctional card1 Tactical Spork1 Survival Bracelet1 Compass1 Emergency Whistle 1 Wire Saw

Emergency Water and Food (USA Coast Guard Approved)

24 packs of Datrex 125ML emergency drinking water3 packs of Datrex 2,400 emergency food bars (7,200 Total Calories)

First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit (107 Pieces)

This First Aid Kit is perfect for hiking, camping, marine adventures, home and auto. It conations Adhesive Fabric Bandages, Alcohol Wipes, Butterfly Wound Closures, Conforming Gauze Roll, First Aid Tape, Scissors, Safety Pin, Sting Relief Wipes, Tweezers, Trauma Pad, and many many more necessary first aid items.

made in the usa assembled in the usamade in the usa assembled in the usa

All of our bags and kits are proudly being assembled right here in Florida, USA. We are a family business that ensures that all products are being assembled under top quality control measures in order to avoid equipment failure.

Thank You For Your Trust & Business!

?Premium 72 Hours For Up To 4 People, Emergency Survival Backpack? All of our MIKA emergency bug out survival backpacks were designed and customized by our Special Force veteran partners. These vets used their personal experiences to build a unique, top quality backpack that could help you save your life during a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, flood, and more. This unique backpack is also a great fit for every hiking, camping, or RV trip.
?Military Grade 45L Tactical Backpack ? MIKA backpacks are water proof and weather resistant to make sure that your survival gear equipment, food, water and personal belongings are safe, no matter what extreme situation you are in. The bag included special built in compartments for electronics, such as your phone, tablet, or laptop. Unique colors options will help you quickly locate your backpack or help to camouflage yourself effectively when hunting.
?Up To 5 Years Shelf Life Datrex Food and Water. Made in The USA and Approved by The US Coast Guard? MIKA emergency backpack comes with 24 packs of Datrex 125ML emergency drinking water and 3 packs of Datrex 2,400 calorie emergency food bars.
?Emergency Survival Gear and Equipment Shoulder Bag? MIKA’s emergency backpack contains yet another bag. This shoulder bag is made of military grade 900D high density material. The shoulder bag contain additional survival gear that will help you function and survive in extreme situations. MIKA’s shoulder bag features items such as a fire starter, multitool, tactical knife, tactical pen, multitool card, survival bracelet and more.
?107 Piece First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit? MIKA survival backpacks come with the ultimate outdoor first aid kit that can save your life and help you care for you and your loved ones. This kit was carefully crafted and designed for outdoor activities and with emergency situations in mind. This First Aid Kit is perfect for hiking, camping, marine adventures, home and auto.


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