JIANYI Silicone Spatula, BPA Free & 480°F Heat Resistant, Non-Stick Small Rubber Kitchen Utensils for Cooking, Baking and Mixing – Black

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food grade silicone

Product Description


small spatula

small spatula

Jar spatula

Jar spatula

soft spatula

soft spatula

soft spatula

soft spatula

Small Tiny Spatula

Perfect for tiny mixing jobs and ideal for reaching food in jars and other tight spaces.

You can bake a cake together with your kids by using a spatula.

Blender Spatula

The food-grade silicone blender spatula has a soft grip and is slender designed, great for the icing, blenders, small containers.

Scrape out every last drop of delicious jam.

Hard Spatula

The hard silicone has a durable silicone head, sturdy enough for mixing and baking—an internal robust steel core designed for extra strength to the bottom.

Great for folding, scraping, spreading, and sautéing.

Silicone Spatula

Designed with food-grade silicone and metal core inside, heat resistant up to 480°F.

Perfect Spatula For Adults and Kids.

Silicone spatulaSilicone spatula

JIANYI Spatula Set

small spatulasmall spatula


Length: 8.27 InchesWidth: 1.65 Inches

Kitchen Silicone Spatula

Makes cooking a pleasure

Ergonomic design, non-stick friendly

Easy to use and clean, throw in the dishwasher.

High-quality food-grade silicone

BPA free & 480°F heat resistant

Safe and healthy for your family

High heat resistant, so they won’t melt. Solid silicone means no

crevices to harbor bacteria

Premium Quality, Versatile Cooking Tool

versatile tool

versatile tool

multi color

multi color

Practical spatula

Practical spatula

Flexible head design

Besides using the durable material, the spatula is also flexible enough, making it perfect for scraping.

Multi color, Multi choices

Got the specific color to match your kitchen appliances. Color consistency makes your kitchen looks elegant and bright.

Practical Radian for bowls

Stir and Scrape all type of sauces and batters out of the bowl smoothly

one piece design

one piece design

Non Stick

Non Stick

dishwasher safe

dishwasher safe

One-piece Design with Long Metal Core

This one-piece seamless spatula has an integrated design without any seams or cracks, or gap make up.

With long metalcore, the cooking kitchen silicone spatula is heavy-duty and strong, very durable.

Non-stick cookware friendly

The food-grade silicone sink spatulas have smooth edges that won’t scratch non-stick kitchen cookware and keep our food safe and healthy, and it’s heat resistant up to 480°F.

Safe for Coated & Non-stick Cookware and perfect for use with hot foods and around the cooktop.

Easy to clean & Easy to store

Dishwasher safe – JIANYI kitchen sink spatulas are incredibly easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe.

If you don’t want to store your silicone spatulas in a drawer, the hanging hole design makes it easy to hang them on the wall. And the bright color will make your kitchen a happy place!

【HEAT RESISTANT】 – Made of food grade silicone material, well constructed with 8.27 x 1.65 inch and BPA-free. Heat resistant up to 480°F, don’t melt and sturdy
【EASY TO CLEAN】 – Seamless one piece design keeps food and rust from collecting in tiny slits, eliminates the cleaning problems encountered with a handled inserted type spatula as there is no place for batters to get stuck
【ERGONOMICAL DESIGN】 – Jianyi spatulas are made with pretty durable silicone, solid metal inside for extra strength. The rounded handle is easy and comfortable to hold and the soft but rigid head gives it a nice grip
【MULTI-PURPOSE】 – The kitchen utensial is great for scraping down mixed foods, taking cookies off cookie sheet, mixing oatmeal and other hot foods and just generally wonderful. Really a great addition to your kitchen
【NON-STICK】 – This spatula working edge is sharp and straight to squeegee off food like a good windshield wiper removes water. The sleek silicone doesn’t allow anything to stick to the spatula, while easily removing sticky dough mixes from bowls


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