Jan&Niss Resistance Workout Equipment Band for Women – 3 Level Booty Exercise Set for Butt – Glute – Thighs – Legs – Pilates, Pink, Cyan, Purple, S, M, L

[Gym Essentials For Womenrubber-made bandsThanksgivingexercise equipmentGym Essentials For Womenrubber-made bandsThanksgivingexercise equipment
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Gym Essentials For Women
Jan&Niss high resistance fabric-made bands are designed for leg, booties, and Pilate workouts and come up in 3 different sizes. Our exercise equipment set material is manufactured through a cozy, finest, and most durable elastic material so that the resistance loops won’t lose their elasticity after continuous use. Our non-pinching workout bands easily fit your body while performing core training activities and it’s an alternative to rubber-made bands which have a higher probability of losing their flexibility after repeated usage. Our stretchy loops bundle stabilizes lower body muscles and should be applied while performing squats, yoga, cross-fit training deadlifts, hot yoga glute activation workout, booty exercise, thigh stretch, butt shaping rounds, leg slimming and calves improvement exercise, or any other leg related drill. We have designed our gymnastic loops for women of every shape as our 3 level pack covers and fits every size. Our mini hip stretcher pack contains cyan, pink, and purple colored band each. We also provide a mesh bag so that you can easily carry it. An essential accessory through which women can work out whether at home, gym, outdoor or even office. A woman whether a beginner or a professional trainer should consider our high resistance loop without hesitation. Our mini loop band set is a smart choice for gifting to your wife, sister, mother, aunt, trainer, friend, or any female person for her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, party, or over any occasion. Our latex resistance wide bands do not roll or slip down providing a firm balanced grip and mastery over your lower body region due to which injury chances become lesser and even past joint pains becomes history. Jan&Niss’s must-have booty circle loops to boost abdominal muscles, hips, and buttocks while going through Pilate exercises.
Fabric and latex
► [Fabricated Booty Bands] Jan&Niss resistant fitness bands are made of flexible and durable material.
► [Gym Essentials For Women] Our 3 Level non-slip butt bands are used for Pilates, thighs and booties.
► [Easy to Carry Pouch] We provide a comfortable pouch so it can be taken to gym, office & outdoor.
► [Non-Slip Hips Band] From beginners to experts every aged women can use our equipment for a fit body.
► [Stable Leg Stretch] Our elastic band improves core athletic training and reduces chances of injury.
► [Ideal for physical therapy] Resistance bands help strengthen the legs of patients with weak legs and arms.
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Gym Essentials For Women


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