Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbell Set of 2, Non-Slip, Hex Shape, Free Weights Set for Muscle Toning, Strength Building, Weight Loss – Portable Weights for Home Gym Hand Weight

41mZ6XLWgML. AC412k7EhsdsL. AC519n 2wjqdL. AC51+j39PhiJL. AC41zNgvopAyL. AC51wQF7JuFRL. AC buynow3 Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbells made of cast iron are coated with soft and smooth neoprene skin. Available in different sizes and colors, these hand weights are used for weight training, for upper and lower body exercises.

Product Benefits
Neoprene dumbbells are known for their comfy grip and roll-free workout session. These hexagonal fitness merchandise help sculpt as well as tone muscles effectively. Whether you perform squats, do lunges or chest presses, using dumbbells also help prevent chronic back and joint pain and are effective for a full body workout
Neoprene dumbbells take up minimal space and are an asset to your home or any gym. Use these weights to de-stress yourself, rejuvenate energy and stimulate those feel-good-like endorphins.

What Our Dumbbells Offer
These comfortable to grip dumbbells are less noisy as opposed to other types. Fitness Republic neoprene dumbbells are portable, stackable and easy to use. Whether you perform squats, lunges, dumbbell flies or chest presses, these smart weights guarantee a total body workout. Exercising with dumbbells also help prevent chronic back and joint pain. Our weights are highly recommended for advanced lifters looking to gain mass or novice trainers looking to begin their fitness routines. These dumbbell set are ideal for women, too, offering a wider range from light to medium to heavy all the way. Pave road to a healthier lifestyle.

Popular Exercises Can be Performed
Alternated Biceps Curl
Triceps Kickback
Lateral Raise
Stationery Lunge

PERFECT EXERCISE TOOL FOR VARIOUS STRENGTH EXERCISES: The Fitness Republic free weights dumbbells set can help you in your quest for muscle growth and strengthening. Use 14 lb dumbbells in your crossover lunge, rotational presses, alternating bent-over rows and forward bend to overhead press exercises, without worrying about barbell weights rolling as a result of their hex dumbbells shape
MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE MATERIAL: Fitness Republic Dumbbells Set is made from tough cast iron material which is affordable and perfect for home use and small personal training studio. These 14 pound weights come with a neoprene coat that can withstand daily use while still looking pristine and well-kept. Its soft and smooth coating gives you comfort and ease of use. These barbell weights are less slippery so you can handle the weights even when you are sweating
PORTABLE, EASY TO CARRY AND STORE: 14lb dumbbells weight set allows you to carry them around which is perfect if you want to lift weight at work or while travelling. These dumbells are designed to be portable so you can continue to train your muscles and shape up even when you are away from the gym for general exercises
INCLUDES MULTIPLE SIZES AND COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Add life to your normal and basic workout routine, with our colorful and vibrant dumbells. With many sizes and colors available in this set, you can bet you will enjoy lifting weights anytime of the day! Incremental gym weights between 2 pounds and 20 pounds allow you vary the intensity of your workouts
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We take pride in the products we provide, thus we can assure you that getting the Republic Neoprene Coated Dumbbells Pair is worth your money! Our customer service team is ready to assist you in any way possible to answer your inquiry. Our dumbell set walking weights are exceptional for step aerobics and weight loss – Total Weight: 28 lbs ( 14 pounds pair) – Dimension: (25×9.95×9.1cm)





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